Signs of Nebraska City

This afternoon, it was sunny and warm (well, 34 degrees), so I got a chance to explore downtown Nebraska City. Later, my roommate Mark (who is good friends of an old friend of mine from back in my Austin days, go figure) couldn’t resist hitting Stanley’s for Wednesday Whiskey Night. We’re also interested in exploring this tradition of “lunch & beer.”

I like how the farmers get a really sweet bank in a castle. And the last one is for the Eagles Club. There are also Masons. No Elks, as far as I can tell.


Resident Playwright

I’m busily writing and editing and rewriting as part of a residency in Nebraska City. Here’s what the place would have looked like had I come in the spring:

Here’s what it looks like now. Much more conducive for writing, especially at night, when it’s 11 degrees:

My Upcoming Residency

A fictional person that I made up for rhetorical purposes was asking me the other day why I hadn’t posted any kind of “what I want to see soon” post for the spring. Well, as it happens, I’m about to spend a month as a resident playwright at the KHN Center for the Arts.

I’ve been working on a new play commission for PlayGround, and the residency just happens to be right before the first draft is due. So I’ll be spending time in the possibly snowy state of Nebraska pulling all the disparate pieces into something I can finally show Sonia and Jim.

I may post a little bit about what I’m up to, like my blog-friend E.M. Lewis did during her residency, because I found her posts interesting and inspiring. Or I may stay off the internet as much as possible. We’ll see.