A “Friend” At The Lark

You know how you can read someone’s blog and website and Facebook status updates and sort of feel like you have a relationship — and then one day you realize you’ve never actually met this person and you probably have no business referring to them as a “friend”?

That happened to me today when I read this:

The Lark Play Development Center announced today the appointment of Megan Monaghan as Artistic Program Director after a comprehensive national search…. Monaghan comes to the Lark from her post as Literary Manager at South Coast Repertory Theatre where she spearheaded new play commissioning and development projects and served as co-director of the Pacific Playwrights Festival.

When I was in Austin, I got hired to be the literary manager (technically the “literary associate”) at Frontera @ Hyde Park Theatre about three days after Megan Monaghan left to become Director of Playwright Services at The Playwrights’ Center in Minneapolis. For an entire year, every letter I got was addressed to her, and my job was to read the play, write up a summary and a recommendation, and then write a letter back explaining who the hell I was and where Megan had gone.

So I always felt a connection to her, and followed her career as she went to Alliance Theater and then South Coast Rep — and it suddenly hit me that we may have never met. (There’s a chance she was at Vicky’s goodbye party and that we drank a margarita together about 10 years ago, but that’d be it.)

Which means I’m in the awkward position of being excited for and wishing congratulations to someone who has no idea I exist. How very 2008.