Marin Theatre Postponing Jason Grote’s 1001

Theatermania has an article that Jason Grote’s 1001 won’t be coming to Marin Theatre Company this year, after all. My guess is that it’s partially because Berkeley Rep is doing Mary Zimmerman’s THE ARABIAN NIGHTS and they may not want dueling Scheherazades. Bummer! I was really looking forward to seeing 1001; it’s an amazing script. (Don’t ask how I got to read it; I have friends.)

Update: Jason Grote posted on his blog that we WILL get to see 1001, just not until 2009. And not for any nefarious reasons:

1001 is getting postponed until the 09/10 season for entirely pedestrian reasons having to do with production, scheduling, etc. This is a real postponement, not a “My Name Is Rachel Corrie” postponement, and I’m on board for it. I’m disappointed, of course, but so is the company — we all want the production now. … So don’t worry, folks, this has nothing to do with Middle East politics (to my great dismay, 1001 has yet to actually offend anybody anyway). Nor does it have anything to do with a fear of programming unconventional work, unless by “unconventional” you mean “big and hard to produce.”

So good news and bad news. We will indeed get to see it; just not until way off in the future.