25 Best American Plays Since ‘Angels in America’ →

Here are two fun things to do. First, read just the titles and see if you can name the playwrights. Then, count how many you’ve seen, and how many you’ve read. For me, I saw 15, read four, and got 17 1/2 playwrights’ names right. (For one, I remembered their first name but couldn’t remember their last name. Odd.)

BTW, this is what the article’s about:

Tony Kushner’s “gay fantasia,” fusing the ambition, morality and underdog sympathies of earlier 20th century masters, felt not only like a great American play but like a culmination and reimagining of great American playness. It slammed a door open. That was 1993. Exactly 25 years later, the first Broadway revival of “Angels in America” started us thinking about what has happened to American plays in the meantime. Have they been as great? Is their greatness different from what it was? Is “greatness” even a meaningful category anymore?

From The New York Times.