Science on Stage

I suppose I’m mostly known for my play Zombie Town: A Documentary Play, which has had a number of productions around the country. But I’m also really into science and science plays, as perhaps evidenced by my plays Gyroball (which is about the physics of baseball and was a Sloan Foundation commission) and Harold the First (which is about the invention of radio and the first radio broadcast of a baseball game). (Which I guess means I’m also into baseball.)

So it was much joy that I saw several of my local Bay Area playwright friends (Lauren Gunderson, Geetha Reddy, and Anthony Clarvoe) interviewed by Theatre Bay Area about the inherent theatricality of science on stage:

As playwright Lauren Gunderson points out, science has theatrical juice. “It’s the power of a well told story, with a great climactic moment. Science is great drama: people risking for something they believe in that may sound crazy to other people, something that will create great change at the climactic moment. When the fight is fought, science changes the world; you can’t really have a bigger change than that….”

Check it out!