‘Moments From The Bubble’


Three of my one-minute plays will be featured in the latest One Minute Play Festival event at Z Space in San Francisco on Jun 27 and Jun 28. It’s called Moments From The Bubble, Or: How The [Google] Bus Stops Here and it’s part of what’s being described as “a playwright-driven community action project in response to the rapid gentrification of San Francisco”:

The One-Minute Play Festival (#1MPF) and Z Space have created a dynamic partnership to explore topics of gentrification, economics, displacement, race, class, and transitions in the city of San Francisco for Moments From The Bubble, Or: How The [Google] Bus Stops Here, with part of the proceeds to benefit artist residency programming and community actions projects related to these topics.

Featuring Brand New One-Minute Plays As A Community Action By: Kate E. Ryan, Brian Thorstenson, Ken Slattery, Andrew Saito, Christopher Chen, Geetha Reddy, Lauren Gunderson, Erin Bregman, Elizabeth Gjelten, Robert Henry Johnson, Aaron Loeb, Peter Nachtrieb, Garret Jon Groenveld, Amy Suzara, Patricia Cotter, Tim Bauer, Patricia Reynoso, Megan Cohen, and Lachlan Philpott.

I’ll unfortunately be traveling, but you should check it out!