Top 10 Movies I Didn’t See in 2013

American Hustle
Wow, what an amazing cast. This looks like something I would totally see. But I didn’t see it.

This one gets mixed reviews. Some people love it, some say it’s a bit dull, and some of us didn’t see it.

Fast & Furious 6
It might be surprising that this movie made the list. But it deserves mention because, like the others on this list, I didn’t see it.

Blue Jasmine
This one gets a special call-out as one that I almost saw, but then didn’t.

The Hobbit
If you like fantasy films, this is the one to see. I don’t, so I didn’t see it.

Scarlett Johannson plays something like a computer operating system, or the voice of a computer operating system, or something along those lines, and Joaquin Phoenix grows a mustache so he can…mmm, I don’t know. I didn’t see it.

The Great Beauty
This one is about Italy. Instead of seeing the movie, I went to Italy.

The big question on this one is whether to see it in 3D, whether to see it in IMAX, or whether to not see it. I chose the last one.

The Act Of Killing
I imagine that this film is so brutal, you will recoil at every act of violence. But I’m not sure about that, because I didn’t see it.

The Wolf Of Wall Street
Too long; didn’t see.