So, I Was The Entertainment…

Thursday ended up being a really fun night: Can you guess who I was in this description?

Artistic Director Loretta Greco and an acclaimed Bay Area playwright are conjuring the ingredients for an Instant Play and cooking up a scheme for party-goers to become playwrights.

Forget the usual pre-dinner cocktail-hour silent auction — you’ll have the chance to cast your vote for the THEME, SETTING and PROPS for a crowd-sourced INSTANT PLAY to be written and performed THIS VERY NIGHT!


Yup, I was the “acclaimed Bay Area playwright,” whipping up a 10-minute play written in 50 minutes based entirely on suggestions from donors at the Magic Theatre’s fundraising gala. No pressure!

Of course, it ended up being a complete blast, and together with two directors, five actors, two volunteers from the audience and the amazing Christopher Winslow on keyboards, we put together a pretty spectacular film noir-style play — complete with a volunteer playing a sultry Marilyn Monroe and an entire audience bursting into song.

Best of all, it turns out Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Nilo Cruz was in the audience, and I got to meet him. He said he couldn’t imagine having to put together a coherent play with such odd bits of dialogue and props and whatnot, but then again, there’s no way I could imagine winning a Pulitzer Prize, so I think we are more than even.