Discoveries at a Literary Reading


Last Sunday, I hosted the latest Portuguese Artists Colony literary event at Hotel Rex. I’ve met and discovered so many interesting and amazing writers and musicians through PAC in the past — people like Ethel Rohan and Will Boast and David Berkeley — and this show was no exception. May I urge you to check out:

  • Patricia Ann McNair, a writer from Chicago whose book The Temple of Air I picked up on the way out and started reading as soon as I got home
  • Siamak Vossoughi, a writer from San Francisco who read some short pieces, and who has a short story coming out soon in Glimmer Train
  • Silvi Alcivar, who won the live writing portion of our event, and who writes custom poetry on a portable typewriter, for sale on her website
  • Brooke D., who creates beautiful music with vocal looping and beat boxing, on a Line 6 DL4 Delay pedal, and whose CD I also bought

We do shows every two months or so; next one will be at The Make-Out Room on May 5th. Come to it!


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