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Five short stories about David Rakoff

I’ve been reading Sarah Hepola since way back when I lived in Austin and she wrote for the Chronicle. Her writing is exquisite, and this piece from her blog is a wonderful place to start if you don’t know her (particularly if you did know David Rakoff). A taste:

He had a privileged career, and it meant that aspiring types wanted to be close to him and rub a little of his magic onto themselves. Seven years later, I understand this is an odd position, because there is no answer for how to get his career, and like all writers and neurotics, he was probably just worried about how to keep his career. Writers come rushing into battle all around you, wielding their broadswords and asking for instructions, and it’s like: Oh, god, you too? I’m trying to kill a motherfucker right now.

I recommend subscribing to her blog and/or Twitter feed, and searching for some of her fabulous essays on The Morning News or on Salon or scattered elsewhere across the internet.