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I Love You!

I know Ethel Rohan because she’s read quite a few times at the Portuguese Artists Colony literary readings, several of which I’ve hosted. I’m a big fan of her short-short stories, and her book Cut Through the Bone sits on my nightstand even as you read these words. (Assuming you’re reading this in September of 2012; if you’re reading this as a diversion during the Water Wars of 2019, it may be in the backpack I’m carrying across the post-apocalyptic dystopia of the San Francisco Desert.)

Well, Ethel has a short-short story in the online literary journal Hobart today! It’s called “I Love You!” and that’s probably why I ended the previous sentence with an exclamation point. Here’s an excerpt:

The monkey breeder takes her credit card details. Through the telephone there’s rain. Rain! From her window, the Beverley Hills shimmer and seem to melt. Perhaps the toll free number has taken her straight to the Plains of Africa and a monsoon. The breeder lists the available monkeys and she selects one of the Golden Lion Tamarins, a female, six weeks old. “A good choice,” the breeder tells her. “She’s a beautiful fiery orange.” He confirms the flight details and rings off. In just five days, she will hold her very own baby monkey.

Go read it, loyal reader and/or thirsty warrior.