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Well if you’re so smart

Travis Bedard asks some good questions on 2AMt, and then takes a stab at answering them by designing a full theater season based on the following principles:

What does a properly built season look like? What sort of framework can an AD and their team use to program a season that they can sell and moves the form forward in their community. What principles can we establish as worthy of being part of every theatre’s programming?

…The underlying thing I think is most missing from season selection is a really basic combination: shows that communicate with each other and create dialogue with an audience.

Then people created seasons of their own down in the comments. May I humbly direct your attention to Elizabeth Spreen’s season?:

Tim Bauer’s Zombie Town: A Documentary Play
Thornton Wilder’s Our Town
Sheila Callaghan’s Dead City…
Naomi Iizuka’s Language of Angels

A couple hundred yes’s to that!