SF Theater Pub Wrap-Up

The Pint-Sized Festival is closed! If you went, you saw a powerhouse of a show and, if you went the same nights I went, you ate some delicious barbecued pork from the Hyde Away Blues BBQ pop-up.

I had a great time and am very grateful for the chance to participate. Anthony and Cooper rocked my play “Play It Again, Friend.” I particularly liked how they worked Anthony into the whole evening, so that most people in the audience just thought he was providing music between plays. And then, boom, he’s a co-star of the last show. Plus, Cooper is just damn good and a joy to watch; one of those actors who understands the rhythms of my writing and how to handle the rapid changes in tone.

Highlights for me: the return of the llama, the introduction of the Beer Bear, the lobster macaroni and cheese; the chance to work with Stuart and Julia and Jessica and to hang out with Megan and Sunil and some audience member guy who really, really likes macaroni and cheese; the chance to be on a bill with friends like William and Marissa and Seanan; and the whole thing, actually.