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An Honest Theatrical Playbill

Hilarious! Today’s McSweeney’s feature (by Daniel Falk) is an “honest” theatrical playbill from “The Obscure Regional Theatre Of Somewhere Other Than New York or London,” who proudly presents “another fucking revival of Some Goddamn Rodgers and Hammerstein Musical.” Some choice excerpts:

DIRECTOR’S NOTES: As a young director I always promised myself I’d never be responsible for the further flogging of this dead horse. Yet here I am, directing it for the fourth goddamn time in twenty years. Times are tough and I’ve got to take the work I can. So if you went to theater school with me, and are judging me half as much as I judge myself, then fuck you—at least I have a job.

THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS: We would like to thank the generous support of our dwindling body of private donors. Without your assistance we wouldn’t have been able to drag the slow death of this theater to such agonizing lengths. You help prove that just because our demise is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be next Tuesday.