The Final Word

Earlier, I posted about Carey Perloff’s article in the Huffington Post and some responses to it on Theatre Bay Area’s Chatterbox.

Once again, the final word goes to the brilliant Lauren Gunderson, this time writing on HowlRound. I feel like I link to just about everything she writes! And as usual, the entire article is cut-and-paste-worthy, so consider this pull-quote just a teaser, and go read the whole thing:

The point of the article that I was most stung by was the assumption that young writers don’t care about the classics. Or worse, that we don’t know them. Or that an MFA program somehow bleaches the grand tradition of theater out of us in favor of plays that sound like television. The idea that somehow, because some new plays sound modern, this means that the writers do not appreciate Sophocles, Marlowe, Molière, or all the other white guys of yore.