Let’s Get Vertical (Vertical)

Let’s Get Vertical (Vertical)

On 2AMt, Travis Bedard spins a story of a theater system where fringe festivals do the raw research, indie theaters do the development, large local theaters handle the trial level, and large regionals are the product level:

There is no system in the theatre ecosystem. Every branch of this ungainly beast is trying to perform every function. Without enough resources to go around we need to improve communication and eliminate redundancies….My platonic ideal of this system rests on a foundation of dynamic local creation.The larger theatres in a given town, having a relationship with the local creators, curate their second spaces with shows that they love. The indie and fringe companies get a longer run to bash out problems in the text or production, broader exposure and they get to build a following of their own. The audience gets a chance to see more locally created theatre. The larger theatre get a low cost production in their second space that didn’t eat up all the available man hours of their staff. And the world gets a play with a history, ready for bigger things.