Interesting Arts Marketing Program

I don’t often delve into the theater marketing discussion. Partially because others do it better, and partially because I hate the phrase “butts in seats,” which you’re obligated to use at least twice whenever you write about arts marketing.

But my friend Ian Walker over at Second Wind has kind of an interesting program going, and I thought that some of the #2amt folks might find it worth digging into — and that some of the plain old theater-goers who read this blog might want to check out.

It’s called the “Elite Pass,” and it opens up the whole process of making theater to anyone with a pass, essentially turning you into a “member” for several months. Besides some of the usual premiums theaters offer — a ticket to the show, half off concessions, additional tickets at a discount — there’s some pretty cool stuff like:

  • Free workshops led by members of the crew. An in-depth look at “the narrative of stage design” with the director; a free movement class with the choreographer.
  • Free returns to see the show a second time, and a free pass to bring a youth along to the show.
  • Exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage on a special web page, including videos of the rehearsal process.
  • An Elite Pass forum where you can ask questions and engage in discussion about the show.

It strikes me as a pretty innovative way to get audiences involved. I don’t know what it will do about butts in seats, but I figure I ought to throw that in one more time.