Second Wind Theatre’s Blog is Back in Business

Second Wind Theatre’s blog is devoted to “opening up the process of creating theatre,” which means it’s only active when they’re in production:

Actors need privacy to explore and take risks in order to give the most truthful, powerful performance they can. Designer’s need quiet and solitude to create and refine their ideas. Playwrights, tasked with creating a richly detailed and complete world, need privacy and solitutde to imagine, explore, and document that world. So while at times I wish I could continue the online conversation, there are periods when I need to withdraw into my creative cave, my only offering being the promise of something wondrous upon my return.

Well, they’re in production, and engaging with the public in really cool ways:

Over the next three months we’re going to being pushing the boundaries of the sharing process. This blog will come alive again. This time round, I’m hoping to open the discussion even further, talking with theatre pros from other companies and organizations. In addition to producing a new piece of theatre, we’re exploring some new ways of doing business— of involving audiences and promoting discussion.

Follow along at You can also follow Ian Walker, the “I” of Second Wind, on twitter at @2ndWindThtre.