PianoFight and Daniel Heath and Christmas

I wanted to let you know about something that’s quickly becoming a San Francisco indie theater tradition: PianoFight’s FORKING II: A Merry FORKING! Christmas by my friend Daniel Heath.

Someone who’s good at math figured out that this choose-your-own-adventure-style play, where the audience votes on how the plot will proceed, has 362,880 possible paths to the final outcome.

So you could see this show every single night of its run — which is from tonight through Dec 30, by the way — and still not see every possible permutation. Unless maybe they hold it over for 994 years.

You may remember me writing about PianoFight back when I had a short play as part of ShortLived 3.0, the largest audience-judged playwriting competition in the country. I also mentioned them when SF Weekly named them San Francisco’s Best Up-and-Coming Theater Company.

But I was remiss in pointing out their latest news, which is huge: they recently signed a lease to develop the old Original Joe’s at 144 Taylor Street into a huge entertainment complex, with a theater and a bar and probably some other stuff but who cares since we’ll all be spending our time at the first two.

So I wanted to make sure that FORKING II was on your radar so you don’t miss it like I did last year. It’s definitely on my December must-see list, especially since Daniel’s an incredibly funny guy/talented playwright. He also makes fancy cocktails with obscure ingredients, but that shouldn’t sway your decision.

It’s at the brand new Stage Werx Theatre at 446 Valencia in San Francisco’s Mission District, and information can be found here.


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