Removing Barriers to Entry →

Removing Barriers to Entry →

From an article by David Loehr on

“Free for all.” “Membership has its privileges.” “All you can eat.” Theatres around the country are taking these sayings to heart. In recent years, many smaller companies have presented shows for free with donations, or featured special pay-what-you-can performances, but larger theatres have taken note, too….

A common thread is talk of building community as opposed to selling shows. Each of these companies presents multiple events and productions during any given month. The main idea behind the “all you can eat” pass is the idea of turning a theatre venue into a social hub for a community, creating a place to be instead of merely a place to go. By creating more opportunities to attend the theatre—and by removing barriers like price or exclusivity—the theatre becomes a viable option for many when compared to movies, restaurants or even Netflix. After all, Netflix and the like will still be there when the theatre production is long gone.

Cool round-up of various theaters trying out new pricing models. Has anyone thought about this in the Bay Area?