Theater as a Collective Experience

From an article by Dominic Orlando on HowlRound, about the founding of The Workhaus Playwrights Collective:

We were all invited to a workshop with members of The Royal Court, in town presenting Sarah Kane’s 4:48 Psychosis at the Guthrie Theater. At our first meeting, our guests passed around the original letter their founder, George Devine, sent the British government arguing for why a theater dedicated to new work needs public support. He said two things that stuck with me and greatly influenced the principles of Workhaus: 1) while an investment in truly new work is an investment in the future, new work is rarely—perhaps never—a commercial endeavor, and 2) as opposed to simply adding a slot for “new plays” in their season, a theater must create a culture of new work in order to educate its audience on the excitement of its failures as well as its successes.