Adam Szymkowicz Interviews Taylor Mac

If you read this blog, then you know about Adam Szymkowicz and his playwright interviews. Because you are Marisela Treviño Orta. But on the off-chance you are someone else, maybe you missed his Interview Part 389: Taylor Mac:

Q: How would you describe the process by which you create a new piece?

A: It’s always different but they tend to use pastiche, which can be confusing because pastiche is often associated with work that’s hodgepodge or stolen from other sources. My work is about variance. I like to show the full range of who we are as people and the themes I’m discussing in the work. If we’re honest great works of art are often in the genre of pastiche: “War and Peace” is a pastiche of romance novel, critical theory, and history. One could make the same argument (and I do) for any Shakespeare play. My plays often squish genre’s, styles, and forms together with the hope that by doing so I’ll create work that honors (by acknowledging) the past and present but whose goal is to help dream the culture forward.

I love the whole interview. Read it now, Marisela!


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  1. Really, you can’t imagine that your other playwright friend whose name begins with Maris- reads this blog? And you know I went nuts for “The Lily’s Revenge” this past spring!

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