‘OF DICE AND MEN’ at Impact Theatre

 Photo by Cheshire Isaacs

Argh! I forgot to mention that I saw Cameron McNary’s Of Dice and Men at Impact Theatre last week, and it’s terrific. Really funny and a fantastic production. I’m super-busy on rewrites of my own thingy that I’ll talk about later, so here’s what Theater Dogs had to say (and I agree!):

Nerd-on-nerd love is something to behold. It’s sweet, it’s smart, it’s funny – at least it is in Cameron McNary’s sharply etched play Of Dice and Men, receiving its Bay Area premiere courtesy of Berkeley’s Impact Theatre. McNary boldly goes where no dramatist has gone before him (at least none I’ve ever seen). He takes his audiences into the world of Dungeons and Dragons, the role-playing game involving elves, fairies, wizards and the like….

One of the wonderful things about McNary’s play is that you don’t have to know anything about D&D to enjoy it. I’m sure there’s all kinds of verisimilitude that he and director Melissa Hillman have brought to this production -– authenticity in the game-playing scenes, wonderfully obscure, titter-inducing references for those in the know, and that’s as it should be. As a foreigner in this world, I feel like the play tugged me into a world I didn’t completely understand but fully recognized. One character describes this world as “like having rules for playing pretend,” and that’s all I really need to know.

I actually know more about nerd stuff than Chad, since I’m a nerd myself, but I agree with the sentiment that it’s wonderful. It’s also closing tomorrow and likely to sell out, so fair warning.

(No disclosure: Paid for this one! Photo caption: Jonathan Brooks, Maria Giere Marquis, and Jai Sahai in the regional premiere of Cameron McNary’s Of Dice and Men at Impact Theatre.)