Playwright at Large: Steve Yockey

From an interview of Steve Yockey on Theatre Bay Area, by Lisa Drostova:

The Bay Area has been so supportive in a number of ways. Audiences here see a lot of theatre and, as a result, have clear ideas about what they like and what they find resonant—which is incredibly refreshing and gives you a solid read on how a play is landing. You hear it from them. And any day of the week, I would rather have someone passionately hate one of my plays as opposed to walk out after, untouched, and talk about where to have dinner.

Steve Yockey is a great and prolific playwright. And the Bay Area loves him. As the article says, “Berkeley’s Impact Theatre introduced him locally with Cartoon in 2007 and has produced three more of his plays: Sleepy, Large Animal Games…and the world premiere Disassembly last year.” With the addition of Octopus, Skin and the upcoming Bellwether, that’s seven of his plays produced around here. This article delves into how it all happened, and it’s a good read.

Sidebar: I should be getting a chance to hang out a bit with both Steve and Lauren Yee soon, since we all have plays being developed as part of PlayFest at Orlando Shakes soon. I suppose I need to do a “what I’ve been up to” post to announce some of that stuff; it occurs to me that I’ve been mostly linking lately. Anyway…go read the article.


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  1. Steve’s relationship with the Bay Area is deeper than just productions. He was commissioned by Marin Theatre Company (who is premiering BELLWETHER starting this week) to write two plays for young audiences. He was also MTC’s NNPN Playwright in Residence for a year and workshopped BELLWETHER with free public readings as part of MTC’s New Works Series. MTC’s New Play Program is still pretty new, but we are committed to cultivating more relationships like we have with Steve.

  2. Hi Sasha,

    I saw that! The year-long residency sounds spectacular. So cool that more and more theaters are bringing playwrights into their companies.

    Planning on seeing Bellwether soon; cannot wait…

    Thanks for the comment!

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