Literary Manager Pet Peeves

Over at LA FPI, the Literary Manager of Impact Theatre, Steven Epperson, is interviewed by Cindy Marie Jenkins for a nice long article about lit manager pet peeves. It’s filled with mostly common sense advice, but speaking as someone who used to be a lit manager and is now a reader on a literary committee, a lot of people need to read this. Especially the part about stage directions:

An overabundance of stage directions: If pressed, I’d say that this is my #1 most frustrating thing. Having line after line after line after line of stage directions interrupts the flow and rhythm that I’m trying to discern from a playwright’s writing. Trying to get into a playwright’s story, trying to find out if the playwright is creating characters with individual voices, trying to see if there is something about the writing that would be compelling on a stage all get ground to a halt when I have to constantly stop reading the dialogue and read stage directions.

I think that for some people, getting the action as they see it in their mind onto the paper or the computer screen is important because those writers need to have it written out in order for them to keep what’s going on organized. I understand that, and that’s fine. For writers who need that, I would strongly suggest removing those stage directions before sending their scripts out. Having massive amounts of stage directions in one’s script does nothing to help me decipher the quality of the story that the playwright is trying to tell. If no other information gets out from this blog post, I hope this does: have as few stage directions as is possible.

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