A Link To A Response To A Critique Found In An Essay

My friend, colleague and fellow pub night host (I almost said “beer drinker” but then I remembered she always drinks cider) Marisela Treviño Orta has a post up at 2AMT:

Plays come to me first as images. And when I write I consider the visual world of the play and, at times, even the soundscape. In my first plays I explored how the emotional world of the characters impacted the physical world. The results would be moments of theatrical magic, if you will. Pomegranates bled. Missing posters wept ink. Paintings melted. A desert floor was covered in marigolds instead of sand.

But I didn’t add these elements ad hoc. They weren’t included to “seduce” anyone into producing my play. Nor was I doing it because others were, because it was en vogue….They’re part the narrative, included because the narrative demanded it. They arise organically because that is how I tell my stories.

First, though, you have to read the recent HowlRound post On Theatricality by Lydia Stryk, because Marisela’s post is a response to that. And then you’ll start reading J.C. Lee’s response, and the comments on the original post, and pretty soon an hour will go by. So be prepared!