Tomorrow My New Full-Length Premieres — And Then Closes

Want to see my latest full-length play’s world premiere and final performance — all in the same night?

Tomorrow night, The Un-Scripted Theater Company will do a cold reading of the opening scene of a play I wrote, then improvise the entire rest of the play:

The Un-Scripted Theater Company is collaborating with playwrights from the Bay Area (and beyond) in Act 1: Scene 2. For every performance, a playwright will supply the first scene of a play in any genre (comedy, tragedy, drama, etc.) that hasn’t been completed yet. They’ll be interviewed onstage, and Un-Scripted will perform a cold reading of that first scene (Act One, Scene One), and then continue the play without stopping — only now it’s improvisation — from Act One, Scene Two.

It’s at SF Playhouse – Stage 2 tomorrow at 8.


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  1. Yay Tim! I had a great time being in the world premiere performance of “Separate Vacations.” Thanks so much for letting us play with it. Stay tuned for video … ;o)

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