A.C.T. Opening New Venue in the Tenderloin

From an article in the Huffington Post by Carey Perloff:

In response to the burgeoning interest in revitalizing the Mid-Market section of San Francisco, and out of a desire to showcase the process of developing young artists and new work, A.C.T. has decided to create a funky new performance venue in the front room of our costume shop at 7th and Market streets, where we will offer free performances by young actors in our M.F.A. Program and their professional colleagues….

We’re curious about whether it is easier for young actors to find a peer audience if the work happens in a non-traditional space, and whether making work in the heart of a neighborhood where people work and live is more appealing than asking people to travel to a more formal theater to experience a play. On any given night, an audience member walking by might see a movement piece or a section of a new play or a hip-hop poetry project through the window. It might be sublime and it might be a mess.

Sounds like a cool space, with glass windows facing directly onto the street — maybe a bit like Esther’s Follies in Austin? — with the hopes that people walking by will “look in, see something strange or magical or quiet or beautiful going on, and decide to come in and partake.”

Looks like the new space will kick things off in October. Read the whole thing here.