‘LEFT GLOVE’ by Mac Wellman

Last week, I was a lucky recipient of a beautiful book of drama/poetry by Mac Wellman. All six longtime readers of this blog will remember that, a while back, I raved about hearing Mac read a work-in-progress at the Great Plains Theatre Conference. Solid Objects has now published it, and it’s a lovely object indeed.

Solid Objects publishes “short, self-contained works that might not otherwise find their way into book form.” One that was already on my list because of this review on Bookslut is Master of Miniatures by Jim Shepard, about the special effects director who created Gojira, aka Godzilla.

Mac’s play, being a Mac Wellman play, is cool and crazy and you can get a good picture just from the opening page:

A chorus of gloves enacts the Ballad of the lost LEFT GLOVE:

Quiet play as a Lumerian walkthrough.

YAMAHA NAZIMOVA, a glove loser
JEWEL BECKETT, a glove finder;

THE, the Indicator
AND, the Connector
IF, the Questioner
UM, the Thumb
ER, the finger farthest from Um;

MORPHO, Venus Anadyomene
in her nocturnal aspect as a
Luna moth;

Various other Moths and Spiders
(And, Er, Maths and other Myths);

and the CAHOON: A ghoul of affliction
and Hater of Lost Gloves.

I was struggling to come up with one sentence to sum up how I felt upon reading this play, and then I saw that Monica de la Torre did it perfectly on the back of the book: “Left Glove will fit thee like a glove if thou relishest the sort of play in which the most awe-inspiring acrobatic feats are performed by no other character than language.”

Yes Yes YES.

(Disclosure: The publishers sent me this book for free. Front cover art and design of the book by Jonathon Rosen.)