‘How to Stay a NY Playwright’

From a lovely article by Barbara Hammond on HotReview.org that could just as easily be called “How to Stay a Playwright”:

Brush and floss as you’re not going to see a dentist except in emergencies. Suck it up and get health insurance but don’t ever get sick. Get invited to fancy events where your dinner and drinks cost more than a week’s groceries and say thank you. Ask for help before things get desperate. Find beauty in every day. Love your freedom. Love your characters. Dive so deep into that pool that you’ve forgotten everything in and around you until you come up for air, or food or company.

Speaking of human company, don’t forego it. There is no reason to write plays unless you develop the part of you that loves humanity in all its frailty, in all its cruelty, in all its tenderness.

I imagine this one will get a lot of #2amt tweets and retweets.