The Dramatists Guild’s First National Conference

This morning at the Dramatists Guild’s first national conference, I was on a panel with @AndieArthur and Roland Tec of Extra Criticum, where we talked about blogs and twitter and tumblr and facebook and #2amt.

Ironically, because I went straight from the panel to lunch to a keynote speech to a regional rep session to a Conversation with Stephen Schwartz and a second with Doug Wright and Emily Mann…I then did no blogging or tweeting or whatever you call posting stuff on tumblr for the rest of the day.

Our little panel wasn’t filmed for #NEWPLAY TV, but the keynote and the conversations were. Here’s Todd London’s fantastic address; after it ended, Gary Garrison said, “Don’t you just love brilliant people?” Watch other panels and keynotes on #NEWPLAY TV; follow the conference on twitter at #dgcon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.