‘THE LILY’S REVENGE’ at Magic Theatre

Photo by Jennifer Reiley

I’ve been so busy with rewrites and work and travel and a couple of submission opportunities, I completely forgot to capture the fact that I saw Taylor Mac’s amazing The Lily’s Revenge at Magic Theatre before it closed.

Here is the thing: because of said busyness, there was only one day during the entire run that M and I could see the show. So to ensure that we’d be there even if it completely sold out, we volunteered to usher.

Ushering is a fantastic way to feel like you’re actually part of the evening in more than just a passive way. But this also meant that we were aware of one or two of the surprises before the audience was.

Thus, writing about my experience would not only be untimely, since the show closed, but irrelevant, because I didn’t have the same experience that most regular old people would have.

So let me direct you to this: a review by Marissa Skudlarek that Taylor Mac himself called out on Twitter. It perfectly captures the show, plus it’s extremely well-written, so it’s a joy to read even after the show has gone.

Unlike this irrelevant and untimely post that I’m only posting so I have an excuse to add a fabulous picture.

(Disclosure: Saw it for free because I worked the show. Photo caption: Jason Brock, Molly Kruse, Taylor Mac, Amy Kossow, Dave End.)

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  1. Thanks Tim :-). Though I will say, I think one of the great things about The Lily’s Revenge is that every audience member, not just the ushers, gets to “feel like they’re actually part of the evening in more than just a passive way” — so if you wished to write more about your experience, I don’t think it would be irrelevant!

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