Submission Opp for Bay Area Playwrights

Hey, Bay Area playwright friends! One of my favorite groups in town is the improv group Un-Scripted Theater, and even though they’re improvisers, they’re looking for scripts.

For their next show, called Act One: Scene Two, they want playwrights to write 5 to 7 pages of a full-length in any genre, but then stop right there. For every performance, they’ll feature one local playwright and the first scene of a play that hasn’t been completed yet. They’ll perform a cold reading of that first scene, and then continue the play for 90 to 120 minutes without stopping — only now they’re improvising.

The catch is, they don’t want to improvise the way they would have written it; they want to interview you onstage before the show (or in advance if you absolutely cannot make it) to find out what makes you and your plays tick, and then they’ll improvise a full-length in your style.

They have more information and a set of submission guidelines here. The deadline to submit a 5-7 page first scene is May 31st.