Unscripting Reality with Crystal Skillman

From The Brooklyn Rail

Rail: Finish this sentence. “I wish more plays were…”

Skillman: “…given a chance sooner.” I’m stunned when I hear larger theaters at odds with “finding new plays and voices.” I have a list for you that’ll knock your boots off. This is an amazing time globally for great plays. I see amazing new work in indie theater, overseas (I was done in London last summer), and in writing groups like Woman’s Project Lab. For the plays I see, I try to accept the play that the playwright was trying to write in whatever I see. I do think, as playwrights, we need to be pro-active about what works for us development-wise. At times it seems that plays are a wee over- or under-developed, but in general we’re trying to create perfect stage time for 90 minutes or less in most cases. We picked doing one tough job! That’s why we get the big bucks…Wait a minute…!