The Michael Kaiser Controversy

I’ve been linking to interesting articles through the Odds & Ends tumblr portion of this blog lately, sort of like retweeting on Twitter except you can subscribe to it as an RSS feed. (A sentence that would have been gibberish ten years ago.)

But I wanted to point these out in order, so that, if you choose to delve in, you’ll have the context.

First, Michael Kaiser, president of the Kennedy Center, wrote a post called The Millennial Project on Huffington Post, about bringing 20-somethings into the theater.

Then Liz Maestri responded to specific points in Kaiser’s article, in a post called Join Michael Kaiser in the Fight for Youth!

This was soon followed by Kimberly Cox posting No Shit, Sherlock: Another Boomer Thinks Millennials Suck.

Finally David Loehr posted Ask Not over at 2AMt, tying together this thread and Kevin Spacey’s speech at, ironically enough, the Kennedy Center.