New York (Part 3)

So why the hell were you in New York in the first place, you asked yourself way back when you were reading earlier posts about my now-not-so-recent trip.

Well, the Dramatists Guild pulled together all the regional reps from around the country for something that the business world would call “a sharing of best practices” and the arts admin world would call “a convening” but we called “a meeting.”

As a relatively new regional rep, I was excited to hear what other cities are doing, and I’m working on implementing some of the best ideas. This involves phone calls and planning and long-range thinking, so I’ll roll out details as they come together, but the basic gist is trying to get local guild members together more regularly — and having a reason to do so.

After the rep meeting, we hiked across town to The Players Club for the DG’s annual meeting/elections.

This was where I got to shake hands with Stephen Schwartz and tell David Ives how much his work inspired me to be a playwright in the first place and to check out the coolest library I’ve ever seen. If I could replicate this in my office, I would never leave the house. Or the office.

Since I’m showing photos, I’ll round out this post and wrap up the New York story with a couple random shots.

Here is what MoMA looks like when no one needs information.

Here’s a jazz club, with a cool cat playing drums.

And here is where I returned, back to “a climate for health and wealth without cyclones or blizzards.”