‘COLLAPSE’ at Aurora Theatre

I had a great time at Collapse by Allison Moore, playing for another week or so at Aurora Theatre. I actually saw it way back about two weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy working, writing and flying across the country (for stuff I shall post about later) that I’m only now getting around to highlighting it here.

Of course, the beauty of that timing is that there are now about 17 reviews up on Aurora’s website, all of which I can steer you toward and quote from and generally agree with. Interestingly, most of them talk about comedy first and foremost, whereas the thing I liked the best was the shift in tone from comedy to drama, as mentioned by this chap (who I know I quote a lot but who I swear I’ve never met):

There’s more to Moore’s play than what first appears. This is a rollicking comedy with decidedly serious undertones, and before too long, it feels like a drama — a beautifully written and produced drama — more than it does a sitcom. And that’s a wonderful thing.

Jessica Heidt directs; Aldo Billingsea, Gabriel Marin, Carrie Paff and Amy Resnick amaze.

Oh, and I went with playwright/actor extraordinaire Sam Leichter, who I mention only because I suspect he googles himself. Hi, Sam.

(Disclosure: I was comp’d to this show.)