News Roundup

With Facebook and Twitter and RSS, almost no one gets news stories from blogs anymore. Then again, if you have 700 friends posting random bullshit on Facebook and you are wise enough to stay off Twitter, you may have missed a couple interesting things:

  • Arena Stage Building A Home For Playwrights. Cool New York Times article about the Arena Stage’s third theater space — “a small, enveloping cradle where we could nurture and stage newly birthed American plays” — and its New Play Map, where you can see who’s producing playwrights who kind of write like you but are much more successful (and thus target your submissions). Arena is quickly becoming “a national center for producing, presenting, developing and studying American theater.”
  • Off-Market Theater Closing With A B.O.O.M. PianoFight’s ‘Throw Rotten Veggies at the Actors Night’ returns to the stage at Off-Market for one final performance as part of B.O.O.M. Fest, celebrating 7 years of indie theater at the soon-to-close Off-Market Theater. Not to worry, though; one of the PianoFight dudes is apparently loaded, as they’re about to open a zillion dollar theater (with its own bar!!) (I think I heard!!) in the Spring.
  • Fantastic Village Voice Article On Collaborative Theater. Really great article about devised theater or collaborative theater or whatever you call it, about the working methods of the Civilians, the Debate Society, Elevator Repair Service (ERS), Nature Theater of Oklahoma and more. Do companies find that someone needs to step in at some point in the process and stop the collaborative part and make directorial/dictatorial decisions? (Hint: yes.) Also, not all those companies accept the devised or collaborative or whatever you call it label.

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