An Incredibly Detailed Look Into A Local Theater Company’s Marketing Plan

Local theater company Second Wind has done something extraordinary: posted its entire marketing/publicity plan for its latest show on the internet.

Ian Walker, Second Wind’s AD (and my friend) had this to say:

After years of hunting around the internet, I’ve finally realized that nobody ever really shares their marketing/publicity plan. They may share a few tips, but where they put their money, and when, and how is kept secret.  It’s taboo; there’s a sense that the techniques will lose their effectiveness if everyone’s doing it — that what little control they have will vanish. I sense that attitude even in myself. 

I didn’t like that feeling; it seemed to contribute to the idea that ticket sales, getting butts in seats, was something beyond my control. Like voodoo. So my blog today is 2nd Wind’s full marketing plan for The Tender King. Some details are missing just because there’s so much to say, but I’ve included our timeline, how we proportion our budget, and what strategies we use to maximize each activity.

It’s amazingly detailed, which I imagine would make it a fantastic resource for anyone running a theater company. And it should also kick off a conversation among arts marketing folks, as well.

At the very least, all the #2amt people ought to RT the heck out of it.