Way back in January, I interviewed Ben Fisher about a little start-up called the San Francisco Theater Pub. In just nine months, they’ve become huge, recently drawing something like 90 people a night for three nights to stand around in a pub and watch theater appear around them. (Numbers I either made up or vaguely heard Stuart Bousel say while I was waiting in line for a beer.)

I went on Monday night to see their Pint-Sized Plays Festival, which was the first SF Theater Pub event I was finally able to attend. It had all the fun and energy of a PianoFight or BOA Festival evening, and not just because almost everybody involved in the festival was involved in either ShortLived or BOA. There’s just something exciting about theater springing up around you: since the entire bar served as the stage, you had no idea which random table of people was about to become the show.

SF Theater Pub is a monthly thing, and not every show is about beer. Next month features two Oscar Wilde short plays; October has shorts adapted from HP Lovecraft stories. Learn more on their website or, probably better, on Facebook.