Special Guest

Last night I was a special guest at the Portuguese Artists Colony’s monthly reading.

The event features poets, writers, playwrights, musicians, visual artists and spoken word performers/advice columnists. This month’s theme was Extreme Unction, which I had to look up here.

Daniel Heath, playwright extraordinaire and founding colonist, first got me involved a couple months ago. He usually brings in actors to do staged readings of the plays, but this month we decided to each bring two-man plays and act in each other’s. A mini-theme, if you will.

Luckily, Daniel created a special drink called The Absolution for the event, and the event started a little late because poets were involved, so by the time our portion of the event rolled around, we were, um, relaxed.

The evening ended with some spectacular music from Scot Sier, whose web presence is right here. The Portuguese Artists Colony info is right here, where you can learn that last month you could have seen another short play by Ken Slattery. Proof that you really should have bookmarked the page months ago.