‘THIS WORLD IS GOOD’ by Sleepwalkers Theatre

Photo probably by Clay Robeson.

Last Thursday, I had a jam-packed “back in The City” day (having just recently moved to “The Town”) that included arts and crafts, margaritas and nachos, and a preview of J.C. Lee’s lovely This World Is Good, produced by Sleepwalkers Theatre.

I don’t review plays, and I’m even more reluctant to talk too much about previews because you never want to single out some moment that gets cut, but I love pointing out cool new plays by awesome new playwrights, and this counts for both.

J.C. Lee was just in the Bay Area Playwrights Festival (which I completely missed because of the aforementioned move), and he’s about to go to Julliard (which I understand takes more than just sending in an application), so he’s the real deal. (The media would probably put him somewhere between “emerging” and “up-and-coming.”) His play has some beautiful monologues and heart-wrenching imagery, and there are a couple of moments that, performed by this killer cast, I found completely riveting. Plus, Clay Robeson likes it.

If you go and you dig it, there are two more chances to see J.C.’s work, since Sleepwalkers is dedicating their entire season this year to his work. Read about the trilogy in Sam Hurwitt’s article here. Get some background on the process in this Examiner article. Or just get tickets here.