What I Want To See In August

Now that I’m finally settled in at the new place, I can get back to seeing some theater. Here are some things I’m hoping to see over the next month. I post this mainly so I don’t forget, but it also comes in handy because friends of mine will sometimes see it and say, “Let’s go together.”

I can’t imagine this will be the first month where I make it to all of them, but we’ll see:

  • This World Is Good by J.C. Lee, Sleepwalkers Theatre (Aug 5-28). I’ve loved everything these guys have produced, including the ones I wrote. It seems J.C. is about to move to NYC but if enough people go to his trilogy — taking up Sleepwalkers’ entire season — we should be able to get him back.
  • Show and Tell by Anthony Clarvoe, Symmetry Theatre (Aug 6-22). I just wrote about this exciting new company (and their mission statement) in the last post, so scroll down.
  • Tennessee Williams in Rep, Boxcar Theatre (Jul 23-Aug 28). Cat, Streetcar and Menagerie in rep, by cool directors, in a theater close to The Tempest bar.
  • In A World… by Un-Scripted Theatre (Jul 8-Aug 28). Improvised two-hour-long shows where one crucial thing is different from our world. And that crucial thing is suggested by you. (Assuming you yell it out loud enough.)
  • SF Improv Festival, Eureka Theater (Aug 12-Aug 21). Speaking of improv, PianoFight hosts opening night of this festival, which also has a panel on The Committee, workshops by Armando Diaz, and tons of improv.
  • Pint Sized Plays at SF Theater Pub (Aug 16-30). Nine new plays by local writers (most of whom I know) directed by local directors (most of whom I know) all performed in the time it takes to finish a beer.
  • The Norman Conquests by Alan Ayckbourn, Shotgun Players (Aug 6-Sep 5). Another trilogy, another repertory show. I might try to see all three plays in the same day.
  • MilkMilkLemonade by Joshua Conkel, Impact Theatre (Aug 22-Oct 2). I was really jealous of everyone in New York who got to see the premiere last year, so I can’t wait to see this one. Desdemona Chiang directs, plus it’s Impact, so beer, pizza, and awesomeness are in store.

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  1. Can I suggest adding the play by mugwumpin show, This Is All I Need to your list? They just had a cool profile written about them in Theater Bay Area Magazine written by some fellow named Tim Bauer…

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