Cool New Bay Area Theater Company: Symmetry Theatre

There’s a new theater company in the Bay Area, based out of Berkeley but performing (currently) in San Francisco. Check out their manifesto of a mission statement:

Symmetry Theatre Company is a brand new company whose mission is to redress the imbalance in professional theatrical union contracts given to male versus female performers (currently 80% men/20% women) and, more broadly, the gender inequity in entertainment offerings as a whole.

…The plays we choose may never have more male than female roles and in any given show there may never be more male than female Equity contracts. In addition we will choose plays that acknowledge that women’s stories are as important as men’s and in so doing we will hope to educate the public and the theatre community at large to the need for more balance on the boards.

…We believe the desire to have a career in the arts should not be dictated by gender. But Symmetry’s founders also believe there is a larger relevance to society as a whole: We believe our audiences should have more exposure to fully developed female characters and female stories, with the hope of creating a richer community for all.

Their current production is Show and Tell by Anthony Clarvoe, which opened yesterday at The Thick House and runs through Aug 22. Ticket info is here. The entire mission statement is here.