A Great Time In New Orleans

Last week, I was in New Orleans for what would have been the last weekend of Southern Rep’s production of Zombie Town had it not been extended (yay).

I got up at 4am on Saturday, jumped on a plane, checked into a hotel, took a disco nap, then went to meet the cast (seen below in all their earnest Catharsis Collective glory).

Saturday’s show was sold out, and it was a rocking crowd. There was even a table of four zombies in the back of the room. I ran into one after the show, and this dude was dedicated to his zombie craft: he stood in the middle of a hallway, staring off into space, making people squeeze by him without touching him, for fear he’d eat their brains.

Because the theater, like all good theaters, has a full bar in the lobby, we were able to hang and talk and drink after the show. This is also when the cast dreamt up a practical joke to pull on the director Mark Routhier (who couldn’t see the show because of a rehearsal) involving one of the cast’s military boyfriend getting in Mark’s face over my supposed post-show tantrum.

On Sunday, I slept about 14 hours to recover from the stress of the past week, then toured the French Quarter, where a place called “Girls Girls” appeared to have been driven out of business by the more corporate “Girls Girls Girls.”

The Sunday show was at 6pm, so afterwards the cast and I went for dinner. It was supposed to be at a sushi and karaoke place, but the bastards closed early, so instead we had beer and oysters and some kind of cheesy fries thing.

On Monday, I met with some of the Southern Rep staff and toured their offices, then I spent 24 hours trying to fly home on my last-ever Delta Airlines flight.

So: an absolutely terrific time, a spectacular production that I spent the entire time smiling through, and a new appreciation for Abita Amber.


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