Travis Bedard Post About ArtsDepot

I’ve been waiting to link to this because I wanted to say something more profound than “This is awesome,” but life is way too busy. So go read this post by Travis Bedard on the 2AMt blog. It’s an awesome idea. Austin should help make it possible — basically, turning an abandoned Home Depot into an Arts Depot with three performance spaces in it: one 99 seat house and two 50 seat houses.

What does this do? (Quoting Travis now):

  1. Creates more performance spaces for Austin.
  2. Provides a space for artists to create in community. I want to model this on Sandy Stone’s amazing ACTLab at the University of Texas. Friction requires proximity. Giving people the tools necessary to create includes access to one another.
  3. Equal opportunity for visual, performance, and movement artists.In the same space. The future means not separating specialties.
  4. It creates a space in the building for the audiences and artists to interact. There is no physical break between the experience and the interaction. Getting in your car and separating yourself from the experience to go to the bar euthanizes the moment. Can you imagine the audiences from three Fusebox shows all emptying into the same cafe at once and talking about art and performance and feeling the glow that only shared experience can bring?
  5. It creates opportunity for awareness. With three shows running you will be exposed to a broader cross-section of available than being at one far-flung location.

On a “go read better blogs than this one” note, you should be reading 2AMt and Travis Bedard regularly.