‘GIANT BONES’ at Exit Theatre

On Friday, I bought one of the very last available tickets for the closed-yesterday world premiere of Stuart Bousel’s Giant Bones, based on stories by Peter S. Beagle. It was a really brilliant piece of writing, somehow melding several stories and 10 actors playing who-knows-how-many characters into a charming, coherent, surprising story. As Marissa Skudlarek might say:

…it becomes a moving parable about the power of theater and how it can be used and abused. I know, there are a lot of plays about plays out there, and sometimes it can seem like an overdone topic. But not when it is really well done — written, staged and performed by people who truly do know and love the power of theater — the way that Giant Bones is.

(Okay, as Marissa Skudlarek did say. Fine.)

One of the most interesting offstage stories about this production is that Beagle’s publisher is reprinting the book that the play is based on — with an extremely limited edition given only to people who actually saw the world premiere, and a slightly less limited but fancier edition with photos from the production. I can only imagine that the book will help the play see a few more well-deserved productions around the world — hopefully with the same awesome direction. (Also by Stuart, BTW, so double-bravo to him.)

Giant Bones by Stuart Bousel is over, which means you will have to ask me or Marissa very nicely to see the limited edition book. Visit giantbonesplay.com to see what you missed and hopefully where it goes next.


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  1. Thanks for the compliments, Tim! To receive such praise from such an accomplished and formidable writing talent as yourself is very humbling and I’m incredibly grateful for the vote of support. Thank you so much for having made time to see the show and always being such an advocate for the theater community in general.

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