Two good nights of theater in a row! Last night, I went to see my friend (I suppose I can call him “friend,” although we haven’t actually had a drink together) William Bivins’ play The Apotheosis of Pig Husbandry at SF Playhouse’s Second Stage. It’s being produced as part of The Sandbox, their new works program, where they commit to developing new works by actually producing them. Sweet!

Bill and I once shared a BART ride home and realized that we have the same problem, which is that every play we write is different from every other play we write. We decided that probably made it harder to market ourselves. We were apparently wrong: Bill’s written hilarious stuff, dark stuff, comedies, dramas, futuristic stuff, satires, but with four world premieres in the past year, he’s becoming very well-known as, I suppose, simply “a good writer.”

I can’t decide whether this play is a dark comedy or a Shepardesque drama with some lighter moments. It’s got drama, comedy, violence, sex, death, fantastic acting and even a super-cool set on a tiny stage: everything you want in a good night of theater. In fact, let’s just call it that: a good night of theater.

Here’s the official summary:

In The Apotheosis of Pig Husbandry we find a woman in a slip handcuffed to a bed. A bar that only serves one drink. Windows duct-taped to keep out the smell. Welcome to the Lazy Eight Motel, where sex, revenge, social theory and pig farming mix in an explosive cocktail.

It only runs one more week, so if you want to see it, you’d best get a move on.