‘GOD’S EAR’ by Shotgun Players

Last night I went to see the stunningly brilliant Shotgun Players production of God’s Ear by Jenny Schwartz. It’s been deservedly well-reviewed, so rather than clog up the theatrosphere with more blather, here’s a description pieced together from others’ reactions, Zagat-style.

“For those who enjoy language, nonsense, have a taste for the absurd, and relish a wild theatrical ride” “Jenny Schwartz’s new play God’s Ear” “is a terrific, and rare, production: moving, insightful, subtle, inspiring, imaginative — and brilliantly choreographed.” “The playwright’s usage of language, narrative structure, is inventive, unexpected, fresh.” “Where Ear soars highest, though, is in the great arias of fractured thought, conversational cliches and pop culture tag lines, expertly delivered.” “One of the most original plays I’ve seen in a while, and beautifully performed. Definitely recommended.” “I hope the whole Bay gets to see this one.”

One thing: the program doesn’t have a bio of the playwright. And with writing this good, you definitely want to know more. So, for those who want to know but don’t want to have do a Google search, here’s some info:

Jenny Schwartz is a New York-based playwright and a graduate of Juilliard, where she received a fellowship in the Lila Acheson Wallace Playwriting Program. Her play, God’s Ear, was premiered by New Georges under the direction of Anne Kauffman in February 2007; and was subsequently produced by the Vineyard Theatre in spring 2008; and has been published by Faber & Faber. God’s Ear was a finalist for the 2007 Susan Smith Blackburn Award. Her play, Cause For Alarm, was part of the New York International Fringe Festival, as well as PSNBC’s “Best of the Fringe Festival” at HERE. Jenny is an Associate Artist with The Civilians, and a member of New Dramatists.


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  1. This is one of the best performances I have seen in a long time. I play the music trailers over and over. I plan to see it again, after the election. I am working hard to get Berkeley’s measure C passed– which will keep our pools open especially the warm pool.
    I urge everyone to see God’s ear at least once, if not more.

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