What I Want To See In June

From time to time, I post a list of what I’m hoping to see over the next month. It’s mainly to remind me to go see the shows. But it also comes in handy because then friends of mine will email me to say, “I want to see that, too. Let’s go together.” (Which Cass better do about Pearls Over Shanghai.)

I never make it to all of them, but here’s what I’m going to try to make it to:

  • Twelfth Night by Shakespeare at Impact Theatre (May 6-Jun 12). Probably as cool as the 80s-themed Midsummer, because Impact rocks.
  • The Apotheosis of Pig Husbandry by William Bivins at SF Playhouse’s Sandbox (May 19-Jun 12). Bill’s had about six plays premiere this year, so by now he’s getting sick of being produced.
  • Giant Bones by Stuart Bousel at EXIT Theatre (May 14-Jun 19). Based on stories by Peter S. Beagle, author of the classic tale The Last Unicorn; written by Stuart Bousel, local author of many fine plays.
  • God’s Ear by Jenny Schwartz at Shotgun Players (May 19-Jun 20). If you look on Shotgun’s website, you’ll see that everyone in the world reviewed it and loved it.
  • 1001 by Jason Grote at Just Theater (May 28-Jun 20). I got a chance to read an early draft of this one. It’s an awesome script, and exactly the kind of thing Jonathan Spector was born to direct.
  • Pastures of Heaven by Octavio Solis at CalShakes (Jun 2-27). Based on the Steinbeck novel. Octavio is a Bay Area legend.
  • Forever Never Comes by Enrique Urueta at Crowded Fire (Jun 5-26). By SF Weekly’s “Best Up-and-Coming Playwright.” I’ll assume Enrique’s already covered the jokes about being “up-and-coming.”
  • Killing My Lobster Goes Undercover at Zeum Theater (Jun 10-27). My friend Ken Slattery, a KML veteran, co-directs for the first time. I always forget to list them, because I think of them as comedy instead of theater, but I plan to see this, too.

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  1. We look forward to having you in the house! In case you didn’t know about these community partnerships, I wanted to send you a line. Come on these nights if you can make it!

    Purchase a general admission or VIP ticket to Crowded Fire’s Forever Never Comes by Enrique Urueta (Learn to Be Latina) for June 10th, and CF will donate $5 to Youth Program @ The Center,dedicated to building community among LGBT youth and straight allies. On June 11th, they will donate $5 per ticket to SF TEAM, dedicated to promoting positive social change in the transexual and transgender communities.

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